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5 Wellness Trip Tips

Posted on March 16, 2022

From reducing stress to increasing productivity, there are plenty of reasons why taking a vacation is good for you. And after a pandemic that saw everyone spending a lot more time at home, traveling for one’s own wellness is just what the doctor ordered!
Wellness doesn’t just refer to physical health. It means taking care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, too. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five ways to experience the Santa Claus, Indiana, area so you can return home from your visit rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated!

1. Peace Out 

A large stone building at Saint Meinrad Archabbey is shown in the background with trees in front and a lake reflecting the trees in the foreground Saint Meinrad Archabbey is home to a community of Benedictine monks. It’s also one of only two archabbeys in the United States and one of 11 in the world. But that uniqueness is only one of the reasons this is a must-visit place.
If you’re seeking a spiritual recharge, you’ll find it here. You can spend hours quietly roaming the stunning grounds. Join the monks for mass in the beautiful Archabbey church. Stay onsite at the Saint Meinrad Archabbey Guest House & Retreat Center for the ultimate peaceful visit. 

2. Nature is the Best Medicine

Six horses carrying riders walk in line between a lake and a field Sometimes a little fresh air is the best medicine. And when that fresh air comes with the most gorgeous nature in southern Indiana… well, that’s even better! Luckily, there are plenty of places throughout the Santa Claus, Indiana, area to rediscover the greatest outdoors
Plan a whole day (or more) at Lincoln State Park indulging in hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating at one of Indiana’s prettiest state parks.
Take a relaxing stroll on the trails at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial and then pause by the tallest flag in the National Park Service for a moment of reflection.
Commune with nature—and some new animal friends—when you explore the countryside by horseback at Santa’s Stables.

3. Let’s Get Physical 

Man in navy shirt, khaki shorts, white shoes, and sunglasses swings a golf club back in preparation of hitting a ball toward a hole in the distance Those trails at Lincoln State Park and Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial are for more than just leisurely strolls. Pick up the pace a little to get your blood pumping—and to release those feel-good endorphins! You’ll also find trails for walking, running, and biking throughout the town of Santa Claus and at some of the area’s community parks. While you’re at the park, enjoy a game of basketball, toss a frisbee around, or see how high you can soar on the swings.
Exercise doesn’t have to be high-impact to be effective. A round of golf at Christmas Lake Golf Club or The Rustic Golf Course is a great way to get a workout! 

4. Eat Your Vegetables (and Other Good Stuff) 

A man holds a shopping basket and a woman prepares to place a tomato inside of it as they shop at Pumpkins and More Farm Market Eating good foods is important for your physical health, of course. But knowing you’re supporting local growers and makers? Well, that can make you feel pretty good, too!
If you’re looking for the best local produce, meats, cheese, and more, pay a visit to Beloved Farms, Lakeview Orchards, Pumpkins & More Farm Market, and Steckler Grassfed Farms to stock up.

5. Treat Yourself 

Woman in red floral dress and man in white dress shirt and khaki pants hold hands and carry wine glasses as they walk through the grass outside Pepper's Ridge Winery Healthy living is important. Indulging in your favorite treat from time to time is equally important. It’s all about balance and moderation!
So, while you’re in the area, enjoy a sip (or several) at Monkey Hollow Winery and Distillery, Pepper’s Ridge Winery, and River City Brew Works. Feel like a kid again when you find your favorite nostalgic candy at Santa’s Candy Castle. Share one of the giant cookies from the Santa Claus Christmas Store with a special someone. 

Easy Trip Planning 

The best way to ensure your trip is all about wellness is an easy planning process. And that’s just what the My Trip Planner tool offers. It’s a free—and hassle-free—way to build a personalized itinerary!