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Top 10 Reasons To Take A Winter Hike

Posted on January 19, 2022

Welcome winter with a hike through the woods!
It’s easy to wish away the season that keeps us cooped up indoors, but there’s nothing wrong with embracing winter, either.
There are over 10 miles of trails inside Lincoln State Park alone. The Trails of Santa Claus wind throughout the town. The trails inside Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial are dotted with historical references to Lincoln’s life and the time he spent in Indiana. And a walk along the Ohio River in Rockport offers fantastic views.
Just be sure to bundle up before you hit the trails!

Reasons to Hike This Winter 

  1. If bugs keep you off the trails in the warmer weather, winter is your time to take a hike. Take advantage of the bugless outdoors while you can. 
  2. After the once rustling leaves have fallen to the ground, find solitude in the stillness of winter. The silence among the trees is so satisfying, especially after a fresh snow. Snow covered scene shows two leafless trees in the foreground and a picnic shelter house by Lake Lincoln at Lincoln State Park in the background
  3. There is no better time to work off those holiday indulgences than now! Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to be more active, work off those extra holiday pounds, or explore the great outdoors? A winter hike will satisfy all of those goals.
  4. Winter hikes are amazing, but not everyone knows that. Enjoy the trails while there are fewer crowds.
  5. Do it for the ’gram. There’s no such thing as too many pictures of snow clogging your feed. Plus, this view is simply breathtaking. (Don’t forget to tag us with #SantaClausInd and #IndianasAbe while you’re posting!) Snow covered scene of the log cabin at the Living Historical Farm inside Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
  6. Each season offers a different perspective of the same trails. Vibrant and lush leaves are beautiful but can block a view. The bare trees offer a glimpse into areas you may have never seen before. 
  7. Shake off those winter blues. Sunlight can be scarce throughout the winter months. Make the most of the sunshine when it’s available. We could all use a Vitamin D boost. 
  8. Walking on the soggy ground isn’t your thing? The Trails of Santa Claus are paved for happy dry shoes and feet. Walking and bike trail going down a tree-lined path in Santa Claus, Indiana
  9. The weather in southern Indiana can be unpredictable. While we do get snow occasionally, it’s not unusual for the temperature to hover between 40 and 50 degrees in the winter months. Winter hikes aren’t necessarily freezing cold, after all! 
  10. It’s free to hit the trails at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, walk along the Trails of Santa Claus, and explore the grounds of Saint Meinrad Archabbey. Plus, several of the area’s community parks, like Chrisney Park and Jim Yellig Park, are connected to trails. 

Hit the Trails 

No matter the season, hiking is always a good option. And you’ll find plenty of places to hit the trails around the Santa Claus, Indiana, area and throughout Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home.
This blog post has been updated from January 2018.