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Start a Family Travel Tradition

Posted on August 2, 2023

The Santa Claus, Indiana, area is known for its repeat visitors. It seems that once you experience our unique attractions and unparalleled hospitality, you just can’t wait to come back again! That’s why it’s the perfect place to start a family travel tradition.

Whether you’re making your first or 50th visit here, we have some ways to make it memorable!

6 Family Travel Tradition Ideas 

1. Capture the Moment. Snap a family photo at one of the signs that welcomes you to Santa Claus, Indiana. Or find a favorite Santa statue in town and claim it as your family’s own. (The one outside the Santa Claus Post Office is a popular choice!) Take a picture year after year to document how your family changes and grows.


2. Get Fired Up. Though no longer used for its original purpose—as an elevated vantage point to watch for wildfires—the fire tower at Lincoln State Park still sees a lot of visitors. Make it part of your family’s visit by challenging all who dare to climb to the top of the 120-foot tall tower. And don't forget to take a picture at the top on every visit to commemorate your successes!


3. Trim Your Tree with Memories. The Santa Claus Christmas Store offers thousands of ornaments that can be personalized and dated (for free!). Pick out a new one every year… then when Christmas rolls around, take a trip down memory lane as you reminisce about past visits. 


4. Tempt Your Taste Buds. One of the best parts of vacation is visiting new restaurants and eating like the locals do. And this area has a few favorites you’ll come back for time and time again! Try the breadsticks at Angelo’s Pizza, the pork chops at New Boston Tavern, or any of the frozen favorites at Fat Daddy's Grill & Chill!


5. Cozy Up in a Cabin or Cottage. A family vacation should be about togetherness. And there's no better way to enjoy quality time as a family than by staying in one of the area's private and cozy cabins or cottages. Find your home away from home at Sun Outdoors Lake Rudolph, Santa's Lakeside Cottages, or Lincoln Pines Lakefront Resort.


6. See Movie Stars—Under the Stars. For more than 65 years, Holiday Drive-In has welcomed movie-lovers of all ages. And with a nightly double feature, it’s a fun and affordable last-night-of-vacation tradition... as well as a relaxing way to wrap up your stay! 


A Truly Memorable Trip 

Any time you travel with the people you love, you’re bound to have a special time. And when you make a fun family tradition part of your vacation, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime!

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