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Celebrating Community Parks

Posted on July 18, 2022

This area is home to a national park, a state park, and even a theme park. But you’ll also find another kind of park throughout the area. Smaller and humbler, yet loved by all who visit: the Community Park!

In celebration of our local parks, we’re turning the spotlight on these beautiful green spaces and all they have to offer those who live here and those who are visiting!

Where to Visit Community Parks 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for a picnic or family gathering or a place where the kids can play off some excess energy… this area’s parks have just what you need.

Chrisney Park – The park offers a recently installed children’s playground and a sheltered picnic area that’s available to rent for private parties. But the park’s location might be its best feature—it’s connected to walking trails, the Chrisney Golf Course, a softball field, and a 20-acre lake for fishing!

Dale Park – The big “caterpillar” and pirate ship are the highlights of the playground. But that’s just the beginning of what Dale Park has to offer. A charming gazebo is the perfect spot to have a picnic, and basketball courts invite all ages to play. Plus, its location in the middle of town makes it a perfect place to host events.

Gentryville Park - With a full playground, fishing lake, and a court for tennis, basketball, and futsal, this park is an outdoor-lovers dream. An onsite picnic shelter and public restrooms makes it a great place to host a small gathering, too.


Grandview Park – The city park offers traditional outdoor features like a softball field and basketball court. But it’s also home to a course for a somewhat less common outdoor sport: disc golf! 

Jim Yellig Park – If you’re into sports, Jim Yellig Park, is the place to be. Soccer and baseball fields and volleyball and basketball courts are all available. Plus, it’s connected to the Trails of Santa Claus, so it’s easily accessible to the town’s attractions.

Old Mill Park – This park is all about playtime! Kids of all ages and abilities will enjoy a playground that features classic equipment and an ADA-compliant swing.

Richland City Park – A winding slide and “rock climbing” make the playground tops with kids. And a shelter house, benches, and picnic tables throughout the park make it a relaxing place for adults to spend a day!


Rockport City Park – Located next to the Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum and just a short walk to the Rockport City Pool, the Rockport City Park is the perfect place to spend a day. Pack a lunch and grab one of the many picnic tables. Or plan an event and rent the primitive shelter or community center.

Schroeder Park – The playground and shelter house are certainly wonderful features of this pretty park. But its location along the Ohio River Scenic Byway is what makes it an extra-special place to visit!

St. Meinrad Park – Talk about a great view. St. Meinrad Park offers views of and proximity to the beautiful Saint Meinrad Archabbey! And the covered picnic area and the nearby St. Meinrad Community Center make it a perfect place to plan a private celebration.


The Great Outdoors 

This area’s community parks are truly a celebration of the great outdoors. These amazing green spaces are a place where families can get outside to have a play day, a picnic, or a family event. 

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