Fudge Face Off

My daily to-do lists are pretty cool:

  • Send reminder to Santa
  • Edit video featuring local wineries
  • Check on the status of local fall fudge

To conquer my tasks, I popped into the Santa Claus Christmas Store hoping for answers to my pressing fudge matters.

All of my questions were pushed aside once I caught a glimpse of the glass display case that held these yummy bites of fall:

Santa-Claus-Christmas-Store-Fudge-1.jpg   Santa-Claus-Christmas-Store-Fudge-2.jpg

Sampling these two new flavors is a must – this fudge needs to hit your taste buds ASAP.

The mocha is a delicious blend of coffee and chocolate, while the cappuccino perfectly fuses coffee, chocolate, and cinnamon.

Both are scrumptious, but which one gets your vote?

Help the Santa Claus Christmas Store decide which fudge flavor will be available throughout the fall season by voting here.

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