5 More Camping Tips

Camping Tips

There’s nothing quite like camping. You can choose to totally unplug and get a little closer to nature, or you can stay in cabins or RVs that offer all the amenities of a hotel.

There’s no right or wrong way to camp, but there’s always something new to learn to make your experience a little easier. If you’ve already read Five Camping Tips, we’ve got a few more for you.

Here are 5 camping hacks that will make your next trip a breeze:

  • Use a hanging shoe organizer as a vertical kitchen. Keep snacks, condiments, utensils, and all of your other kitchen necessities in one handy space. This convenient hack takes up little space while traveling and can hang from just about anything. Just make sure you don’t leave it outside overnight, it is not critter-proof!
  • An inexpensive headlamp and a clear, plastic milk jug filled with water create the perfect lantern for the inside of your tent.
  • While you’re preparing for your weekend, freeze water bottles and jugs to use instead of ice in your coolers. They will come in handy when they start thawing, and you won’t have to worry about melted ice water making its way into your food and other containers.
  • Foil packets should be your best friend! Whether you’ve got a grill available or you are relying on the campfire, you can cook these things just about anywhere – even at home in your oven! Toss meat or fish with veggies and a few seasonings, wrap it up in foil, and cook on a grill or campfire for about 20 minutes.
  • Speaking of campfires, the easiest way to start one is with a common household byproduct we usually throw away. Dryer lint is the perfect fire starter, and it works even better when you stuff it inside a cardboard tube from an emptied paper towel or toilet paper roll.

Nature is calling your name, get out there and put these tips to good use!

For more information on where to camp when you’re visiting Santa Claus, Indiana, and sites throughout Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home, click here.

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