Local Cheese Goes to the Derby

Steckler Grassfed Cheese

Two things most people are familiar with are coming together: the Kentucky Derby and cheese.

We’re thrilled to hear the Chefs for this year’s derby have selected an organic cheddar cheese from the locally owned and operated Steckler Grassfed Farm, to be served to many of the attendees.

We caught up with Jerry, the owner of the organic farm just outside of Dale, and he had the biggest grin on his face while talking about this incredible opportunity. He said that it was through one of the farms sales channels and a produce sales representative that their delicious cheese got in front of the Kentucky Derby’s chefs. From there it was game over; the smooth, creamy cheddar cheese is going to the Churchill Downs! In fact, there are 200 pounds of Steckler’s cheese heading to the derby.

You can find four varieties of Steckler’s Grassfed cheese throughout the region in local grocery stores. And if you want to make your own derby treat, Jerry suggests pairing the cheddar cheese with a nice bottle of Blueberry wine or a handful of grapes.

Find hours of operation of the retail store on the farm, or other locations to purchase this organic cheese when you follow Steckler Grassfed on Facebook here.

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