It’s Either All or Nothing

all or nothing day

All or Nothing Day doesn’t necessarily have one definite meaning. Should you commit to a new hobby or give it up for good? It could be fitness related. Should you give a new workout regimen a try or just skip dessert?

Maybe it doesn’t have to be complex, and it’s simply suggesting we should seize the day.

Today is a reminder that every day you face a new challenge or adventure, big or small.

In the spirit of seizing the day, we’ve compiled a list of activities that will test your determination.

It’s either all or nothing:

  • Take on the world’s largest cocoa beverage with the Avalanche Challenge! This 64-ounce frozen hot chocolate has 24 ounces of whole milk and almost one pound of rich, Dutch cocoa mixed in.  Try it at Santa’s Candy Castle. We won’t blame you for wanting to share this treat!

avalanche challenge at santa's candy castle all or nothing

  • Can you climb a life-like rock wall? Would you dare to zip line over a lake? Adventure awaits at Santa’s Lodge.
  • Lincoln State Park and Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial both offer hiking trails. Make this a relaxing outdoor activity, or give it a little more strength and determination by jogging the trails.
  • Catch countless thrills at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari from Thunderbird, the first and only launched wing roller coaster, to Mammoth, the longest water coaster in the world.
  • It’s easy to find something you like and stick to it. Go outside your comfort zone and try a new wine at Pepper’s Ridge Winery or Monkey Hollow Winery & Distillery.

peppers ridge winery all or nothing

Whether you’re testing your taste buds, or working on your strength and will, there is an activity waiting for you in Santa Claus, Indiana, and sites throughout Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home.

Carpe diem!

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