Zane Approved

Zane Santa Selfie

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an eleven year old for a day? We were curious and Zane helped us see a few things from his perspective during a recent video shoot. Zane lives in Santa Claus, Indiana, during the summer months, so he knows a lot of the good spots to visit for fun, food, and more.

We thought you’d like to hear a bit from Zane’s point of view so we asked him to write a guest blog post about his experience with us during the shoot. (We’ll post the video soon, too. Zane saw a clip and thought it was pretty good; we can’t wait to share!)

“At the video shoot we went to a couple of places. First we went to Kringle Haus. It was fun but we had to wait a really, really, long time for Tim, (the camera man) to get the cameras set up. It was worth it though; Mya and I extracted a lot of info from Santa about the North Pole. Did you know that there is a tall elf? I didn’t!  Anyway, the hot chocolate there is so good especially with whipped cream.  

From Kringle Haus to Santa’s Stables we went. We spent the longest time at the stables, (who knows why, and do you care?)  At the stables we rode horses, I rode Dancer and Mya rode Eagle. We had a fun ride!  We also got to feed the horses treats if I haven’t already mentioned that.  

Then we went to Lincoln Boyhood national park where the superintendent gave me the VIP tour (not really) then I learned about a pioneer tool they used to use to make things like axe heads.

After that we went zip lining at Santa’s Lodge. It. Was. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I got to clip a small pulley to a thick wire and zoom across. I’d do that 1,000,000,000,000,000 more times and not get tired of it.

After that we went next door and had lunch at Frosty’s and played a free game of mini golf (the pizza is really good). Later we went to Lincoln Pioneer Village and learned about how Lincoln lived back then. It was really cool! Then when we were done with that we went to the state park to see how tall he was at eleven, he was at least one head taller than me!!!!!  After that we took a Santa selfie with the selfie stick at the Santa Claus museum. We even got to go inside and look around”.    

I think it’s safe to say he had a good time. What do you think?

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