Tips from a Local on Holiday World

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We have really enjoyed having Zane serve as our “tourism ambassador” this summer. And since summer is unfortunately winding down, we have one last post of advice from Zane. It’s not too late! Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari are both open daily until August 12, 2015, and most weekends after that.

We asked him to provide a “how to” of sorts on his approach to visiting the parks – the rides not to miss, where to get the best burger once inside, and any other tips he has to share as a local, and frequent, guest of the park.

Here’s what Zane had to say:

“Holiday World is a large amusement park/water park on Christmas Blvd. It has 46 attractions and rides. It’s a really fun place to go during the summer, unless it’s raining, but even then you can still ride some rides. Oh, and lots of the food is fried which is my favorite!

Places to eat — You definitely want the Goblin burger, the best burger in the park! And Bahari Snacks is good for a small snack like French fries, Jungle Jake’s is a great spot for pizza, and Santa’s Snacks has delicious funnel cakes. Some people like the healthier stuff and you can find at places like Wildebeestro if you’re one of them.

Best rides — Thunderbird is my favorite. It launches you 63 mph in 3.5 seconds. Cool, right? I also like Raven, Legend, Voyage, Revolution, Scarecrow Scrambler, Hallow Swings, Gobbler Getaway, Turkey Whirl, Mayflower, Bahari River, Bakuli, Mammoth, Bahari Wave Pool, Jungle Racer, and Zinga. Whew! I said all that in one breath!

Some of the spin rides are tricky like the Turkey Whirl, Kitty’s Tea Party, and the Scarecrow Scrambler — if you like that dizzy feeling in your head, these are really fun! Thunderbird is the new steel roller coaster and it’s smooth and super fun. There are five roller coasters. The Howler may be the shortest but it has some great twists and turns.

Even if you’re younger than four there are still rides for you in the Christmas section and rides like the Star Spangled Carousel and the Indian River Canoes. My little brother turns two in October and he loves the Star Spangled Carousel. He screams with excitement!”

So it seems as though Zane has some definite favorites at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. What would you add to his “must-do” list of rides or places to eat?

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