Spring Time Sippin’

pepper's ridge winery

Off the beaten path, situated on a scenic country road, Pepper’s Ridge Winery is brimming with locals, out-of-towners, and regulars.

It’s a peaceful retreat during a busy day or a welcome stop on a relaxing Sunday drive. A place where life’s moments, no matter how big (a soon-to-be-bride toasting to the future) or small (cheers to the weekend!) are celebrated.

And while the award-winning wine is reason enough to visit this countryside attraction, here are five reasons to visit Pepper’s Ridge Winery this spring:

  1. A wide selection of wine is available and is destined to suit any palette. Try the Elderberry or Trail Mix for a sweet flavor; if you are a fan of dry wines, the Bluff City White is recommended.
  2. Tastings are complimentary. You can also purchase by the glass or share a bottle with friends.
  3. Ice cold wine slushies make for a refreshing treat. Bringing the little ones? Kid-friendly slushies are available as well.
  4. Peace and tranquility is just a sip away once you sit on the patio and take in the 20-acre view.
  5. Tap your foot or get up and dance as local musicians deliver acoustic jams during Saturday afternoons.

This blog post has been updated from March 2015.

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