Sneak Peak at THE BEEST!

I got to see the world from the top today… that’s right, I was on top of the Wildebeest at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari this afternoon! I felt like VIP as I peaked at THE BEEST “behind the scenes” with PR Director, Paula Werne.

It was very interesting to see THE BEEST up close and learn a little about how it works. I was able to take a little video (and I’m new at video so please bear with me) but check it out to see the view I got from THE BEEST today!

Holiday World opens TOMORROW – Saturday, May 1! The Wildebeest will be introduced when Splashin’ Safari opens on May 14 (in just a couple weeks!) I can’t wait to attempt to “tame the best” myself shortly!
Is it summer yet…? ALMOST! 🙂
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