Plan Ahead for Lake Rudolph Fun

Lake Rudolph Cottage

Did you know that Lake Rudolph is taking reservations for all of 2016 … and have been since May of 2015? You know what they say about that early bird and the worm right?

So many of you tell us that each year we are booked up earlier and earlier, which is true especially with our golf cars and Halloween Weekends. Here is a little helpful information that isn’t even inside advice: We start taking reservations about a year and a half in advance!

On May 1, 2016, we will begin accepting online reservations for ALL of 2017. We’ll start taking phone reservations for all of 2017 on May 15, 2016. So don’t miss your favorite RV Site, Holiday Cottage, or Cabin just because you didn’t know. Now you know!


Because I’m feeling extra generous today I’m throwing you another bone (or worm, if you will). Commonly, many guests don’t want to book online because they don’t believe they can request a specific spot. Did you know that you can request a specific spot just by putting the site or rental number that you want in the comments/special notes section? When we see your note we will check if the site is open and if so, we’ll give it to you. That simple! If it isn’t open, we’ll contact you with sites that are similar or close and get you the best one we can.

So, early bird … meet worm. Don’t make us dangle it in front of you.


A guest post by Laura Barker, Guest Services Manager at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort.

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