March Match-Up

Line up showing the heights of two college basketball players, Santa Claus, and Abraham Lincol

Some things just go together… like Indiana and basketball. And with the NCAA championship playing out across the state in 2021, it’s never been a better time to be a Hoosier basketball fan! 

There are a lot of great match-ups to watch, Cinderellas waiting to claim their crowns, and brackets ready to be busted. So, let’s turn to the stats to see how some of this year’s players measure up to two of this area’s famous faces!  

The Stats 

5’2” – Standing only chest-high to his teammates, Darnell Rogers is the shortest player of the 2021 season at 5’2”. But don’t let his stature fool you… the University of Maryland Baltimore County player knows exactly how to use his size to his advantage! 

5’7” – In addition to tracking Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, NORAD also keeps an eye on Santa’s physical stats. Based on 50 years’ worth of flight data, they estimate the jolly elf stands about 5’7”. That’s a little on the short side for basketball, so we’re guessing he’ll keep his holiday job!  

6’4” – It probably comes as no surprise that Abraham Lincoln was our tallest president. With his height, Abe might have been a natural on the court during the years he spent right here in his Indiana boyhood home. However, wrestling was our 16th president’s sport of choice. 

6’5” – The average NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball player height is 6’5, while the most common height listed is 6’7”. 

7’4”  At an impressive 7’4”, Loyola’s Matt Van Komen stands head and shoulders above his competitors. He’s matched in height by the University of Washington’s Riley Sorn… but Sorn’s team didn’t make the Big Dance, so the two won’t meet on the hardwood this month! 

More than Basketball 

There’s no question that Hoosiers love basketball. But there’s so much more to the state. If you’re passing through our corner of Indiana, be sure to check out fun things to do during your visit! 

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