5 Questions: Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum

Tucked away in the city of Rockport, Indiana, is a place that transports visitors back to a time when a young Abe Lincoln called this area home. 

Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum features 13 Lincoln-era replica cabins that stand in tribute to the man’s early years and are open to visitors to walk through. The museum houses hundreds of fascinating Lincoln artifacts, as well as unique pieces of Spencer County history.  

Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum is under the direction of Nancy Kaiser. Visitors to the Village delight in Nancy’s incredible knowledge of this area and Lincoln’s years here! 

5 Questions with Nancy Kaiser 

1. How did you become involved with Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum?

I was a volunteer for 12 years and decided to take the director position three years ago. I love the history here and have the passion to watch it succeed. 

2. What is your favorite cabin at the Village… and why? 

I really can’t say which is my favorite cabin—they all have special meaning to me. Each one is unique and relates to the time the Lincolns were in Spencer County for 14 years when Abe was a boy. 

3. What is your favorite item in the museum… and why? 

My favorite item in the museum, hands down, is the cabinet Abe and his father built for their neighbors, the Crawfords. We are very fortunate to have this piece in our collection. My second favorite artifact is a rare “Rocker” Beater Loom that my mother demonstrates during our events! 

4. Why should someone visit Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum? 

The village and the museum are both truly hidden gems. Visitors are amazed at being able to tour the village that depicts Abe’s time in Spencer County, as well as the museum. 

5. What is your favorite fun fact or story about Abraham Lincoln? 

There are so many facts and stories about Abe, but I’m amazed by the fact Lincoln had less than one year of education his whole life, never went to college, and was basically self-taught. I believe he is the most well-known, talked about, and written about President in history. 

Want to Visit? 

See our What’s Open? page to stay up-to-date on hours of operation for Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum and all area attractions. 

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