Holiday World is Boss

Holiday World is Boss

I was a teenager once. There were plenty of things that my young mind didn’t think were cool: riding the bus, the pastel-colored sweaters I had to wear for family portraits, etc. Typical sixteen-year-old problems.

But do you know what was always cool?

Going to Holiday World.

And that has never gone out of style.

In middle school, our class was rewarded with a year-end visit to Holiday World. We would spend lunch time deciding which rides we were going to conquer and who was riding with whom.

It was a really big deal because my mom let me buy a disposable 35mm camera to capture all of the fun we had. After all, this was before we all had cell phones. The only place to post our photos (after taking the film to a store to get developed) were bedroom walls and inside our locker doors.

But alas, those one-time use cameras were eventually replaced with smart phones and social media took over the world.  Now it’s super easy to share your trip memories with the world instantly. Don’t forget to use #SantaClausIndiana and tag @SantaClausInd!


Sure, the lingo differs a bit from my, ahem, younger days, but this proves that the teenage crowd agrees that Holiday World is a pretty cool place to hang. And they appreciate all of the rad (people still use that word, right?) free things that the parks offer.

Thanks to Keegan for sharing this text conversation with us!

Oh, and this may be helpful to some of you out there:

Boss = Incredibly awesome, miraculous, great

IKR = I know, right?

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