Double Feature Under the Stars

Our very own Crystal Buehler, Office Manager at the Visitors Bureau, was able to get out for a date night with her husband and chose the local Holiday Drive-In to take in a movie under the stars. There aren’t many drive-in movie theaters left today but we have a local treasure. This drive-in has been around for a long time and is a favorite among locals and visitors from all distances!

— It’s a special experience to be able to watch a new movie outdoors on the big screen under the stars… and even from the bed of your very own truck! You can do all of this at the Holiday Drive-In in Reo, Indiana.

Last weekend I finally made the time to go to the drive-in with my husband. I’ve been dying to see the new Toy Story and Shrek movies for that last few weeks. When I noticed they were playing both of them at Drive-In, I just had to go. They have five screens and they play two different movies on each screen every night.

Holiday Drive-InIt was the first night we’ve been on a date since our baby was born (Jaelyn is 8 months old already!)…and it sure was nice to get out! We packed some sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, and a radio…made a comfy area in the back of our truck and watched our movies on the big screen under the stars! Of course, I had to get my favorite movie-snack before settling in…Milk Duds…they are one of the only candies that can last a whole night.

Watching two movies back to back made for a late night getting home since I live 45 minutes away, but it was definitely worth it and we can’t wait to go again! — Crystal Buehler, Spencer County Visitors Bureau

Any movies you’ve been dying to see? We recommend the Holiday Drive-In for a special movie experience… 🙂

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