Celebrating 30 Years at Lincoln Amphitheatre

Abraham Lincoln is known for his perseverance and persistence.

Despite losing his mother to milk sickness at a young age, never going to law school, and losing two major elections, he still became President of the United States.

Lincoln left Indiana in 1830, but we are still honoring his life, and the time he and his family spent here, largely through Lincoln Amphitheatre, nestled inside Lincoln State Park.

It is in the spirit of perseverance and persistence that Lincoln Amphitheatre is thriving today.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Lincoln Amphitheatre, and the play originally performed there, Young Abe LincolnYoung Abe Lincoln ended its original run in 2005 and is returning this year for a 30th anniversary special, featuring the return of several original cast and crew members.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Bud Schaaf, an original crew member of Young Abe Lincoln.

bud schaaf lincoln amphitheatre

When Bud Schaaf heard Lincoln Amphitheatre was opening in 1987 he immediately knew he wanted to be a part of history. He said “I believed in telling Lincoln’s story. Most people see him as President Lincoln. We see him as young Abe.”

But just like Lincoln, Bud had a couple of setbacks.

He auditioned for the play and didn’t make the cut. Eventually getting in touch with the director, he said that he would do anything – the smallest role or the most unimportant task. He was going to be a part of telling Lincoln’s story.

His persistence paid off.

Bud worked his way in and up. Coincidentally, a picture of Bud dressed as Abe ended up on the front of the brochures for Lincoln Amphitheatre in 1987 and 1989.

Over the last 30 years, Bud has continued to be involved with Lincoln Amphitheatre in one way or another. He attributes his passion to loving the facility, and, “Believing in what they were trying to do,” when they built the amphitheatre to tell Lincoln’s Indiana story.

Several original cast members will return for a special performance on July 8, 2017.

Viewers of the original performance, and new viewers alike, will be wowed with the return of Young Abe Lincoln. Bud said, “Everything has changed, but the concept and storyline are the same.”

To find out more on Lincoln’s time in Indiana, and all the ways he persevered through tough times and persisted to become a great leader, check out Young Abe Lincoln at Lincoln Amphitheatre.

For more information on show dates and times, click here.

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