A Sweet Splurge

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Any reason to splurge on the sweets is a good reason to me. Today is National No Diet Day, which means it’s as good as any excuse to sample the delectable treats and a variety of scrumptious foods available around here.

Fudge? Yes, please.

Freshly baked sugar cookies? Definitely.

Frozen hot chocolate? Oh yea.

Cream-filled donut? No need to twist my arm!

Hot and fresh fried chicken? Homemade potato chips? Sign me up.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Enjoy a sweet or a salty treat in honor of No Diet Day today.

Find freshly baked cookies and fudge varieties such as peanut butter and candy cane at the Santa Claus Christmas Store. Or swing by Santa’s Candy Castle for their famous frozen hot chocolate or a piece of nostalgic candy. Browse bakery items like donuts, cupcakes, and more at Holiday Foods.

Maybe you prefer something on the salty side? Then try the lip-smacking fried chicken at The Chateau or homemade potato chips at The Rustic.

No matter what, treat yourself!

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