FAQ Part 2

Frequently asked questions

We get a lot of questions here at the Visitors Bureau. Here are the top ten recent questions from visitors, and the answers:

Is the town of Santa Claus a village you can walk around in?

It’s not a village with blocks and sidewalks, but you can walk around the town from place to place. Attractions and sites that are not located within walking distance are only a short drive and all parking in the area is free.

What’s there to do in the area? 

That’s easy – there are many activities and attractions you can enjoy during your visit! Check out our list of “54 Things To Do” and “43 More Things to Do.”

Looking like it’s going to be a dreary forecast? No problem, there’s also plenty of rainy things to do. Skim through our “Rain, Rain Come and Play” post.

Just passing through for a couple hours? We have a guide for that, too: “Just Passing Through.”

Are all local business hours the same?

The business hours in this area change seasonally. Refer to the handy Monthly Hours Guide, updated regularly. Make sure you check to see if they’ll be open when you’re planning to visit!

Is there anything to do for young children, such as toddlers?

Yes, the “Toddler Approved” post lists ten things your little ones will love in this area.

Do you ever get tired of Christmas year round?

Absolutely not. That’s what makes this area so special and unique.

We’re going to Holiday World & Spashin Safari, what can we do before the parks open?

Check out our list of local businesses (including restaurants and attractions) and their general business hours to find out what’s open before 10:00 AM. And don’t forget, we’re on Central Time!

How far would we have to travel to get to Louisville? Evansville? Owensboro? 

What’s great about our location is that you can stay here and enjoy the charming, rural atmosphere while still not being too far away from major cities. We’re centrally located between Louisville and Evansville, both about a one-hour drive. It takes about 40 minutes to travel to Owensboro, Kentucky.

Can we bring our pets with us on vacation to this area?

Of course, the Santa Claus area and sites throughout Lincoln’s Indiana Boyhood Home welcome everyone in your family—two legs, or four. Check out our “Pet-Friendly Getaway” post for the who, what, and where on how to include your furry friends.

Is Christmas time a big deal around here?

That’s an understatement. There’s something to do for everyone in the family from Thanksgiving weekend up until Christmas. Check out our Events page on our website to see what you can look forward to.

Where do we write letters to Santa?

Although some may think they can write letters at Santa Claus Post Office, you’ll actually visit the original Post Office at the Santa Claus Museum & Village to do this. “Santa’s Elves” work diligently in December to reply to all the letters!

Send your letter to Santa year round:
P.O. Box 1
Santa Claus, IN 47579

Missed the first part of our FAQ? Check out our original “FAQ and Answers” post.

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