Buffalo Run
Farm, Grill and Gifts
Box 28, Highway 162
Lincoln City, Indiana

for self-guided tours of the Buffalo Farm, Native American Teepee, and the Legendary Lincoln pioneer cabin.

Hours vary by season.

Buffalo Run is listed in the
2003 Rand McNally Best of the Road™

Farm Tours

Guided school and group tours can be arranged by calling Buffalo Run. Tours can include meal deals, historical tours, or can be customized to fit your needs. Expect to enter the teepee with a Native American, join a pioneer in the Legendary Lincoln Cabin, view and feed the buffalo herd, and enjoy a fun and educational visit. Please call for prices and arrangements.

Costumed programmers can also provide educational programs at your site, call for details.

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Bison Meat & Products

Buffalo Run has a full line of bison products including buffalo mounts, hides, skulls, horns, and wool. Bison, and elk meat may be purchased to take home and prepare in your favorite recipes. Jerky and summer sausage are very popular.

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Healthy Fast Food

Because bison meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken or turkey, the meats make for healthy and delicious fast food. Buffalo burgers, as well as hamburgers, salads, pizzas and other tasty foods, are offered in the Buffalo Run Grill. Theme-named ice cream flavors, including "buffalo chip", are a great dessert.

Nutritional Content by Comparison
Species Fat Grams Calories Cholesterol

2.42 143 82

9.28 211 86

9.66 212 86

7.14 190 89

3.0 142 83

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Antiques, Gifts and Art

The Buffalo Run Gift Shop features unique souvenirs, southern Indiana antiques, unusual art, and hand-made crafts. Buffalo teeth, hand-made jewelry, and other Native American crafts are featured in the charming and rustic gift shop.


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Breeding Stock

On occasion Buffalo Run has heifer calves and cows for sale. Inquire at the shop or call the Crewses at home at 812-937-9016.

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Abraham Lincoln Connections:
The Buffalo Run Farm is located one mile from The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial and Lincoln State Park. Abraham Lincoln's cousin Dennis Hanks once held deed to part of what is now the buffalo farm. Dennis Hanks lived in the Thomas Lincoln home and married Abe's stepsister, Elizabeth Johnston.

The Legendary Lincoln Cabin at Buffalo Run is the re-constructed two-story cabin where local legend says Abe Lincoln spent the night in 1830.

Lincoln Slept Here 1830

On April 12, 2003, Buffalo Run officially unveiled its Legendary Lincoln Cabin. The two-story cabin now stands near the Buffalo Run Native American Teepee as a herd of live buffalo grazes in the background. All three are reminders of the American frontier, the Native People for which Indiana is named and the pioneers who settled in the Little Pigeon Creek Community, which is now Lincoln City.

The legend of the cabin is that young adult Abraham Lincoln was returning from a trip to the Huffman Mill in 1830. He stopped to let his oxen take a drink about 8 miles from his home. The story claims that the yoke of the oxen broke and fell into the water, making it impossible for Lincoln to finish the trip. Lincoln was forced to spend the night in order for a new yoke to be fashioned the next morning. It is believed that the two-story cabin could have been an inn.

The cabin was located on the Alfred Birchler homeplace near Evanston, Indiana. Birchler wanted the cabin to be left in its original state and agreed to donate the cabin to the Crews family and Buffalo Run because the Crewses also felt the legendary structure should be preserved. The cabin was dismantled log by log, moved and re-constructed on the Buffalo Run Farm. A memorial stone is part of the cabin's fireplace and remembers Manual Birchler, Alfred's late father.

There is no charge to view or enter the cabin. It serves an educational purpose, as a type of museum available for guests to visit and enter year round. Retired college professor Walter Beumel, Ph.D., Kathleen Crews' father, oversees the museum project. Living history pioneer demonstrations inside the cabin are conducted for tour groups, school groups and for special events.

The Legendary Lincoln Cabin sits on property where Abraham Lincoln's cousin, Dennis Hanks once lived. Dennis Hanks lived with the Lincolns and married Abe Lincoln's stepsister, Elizabeth Johnston. Hanks left Indiana and moved to Illinois with the Lincoln's in 1830. Most of what has been reported about Abraham Lincoln's boyhood and Indiana years is from information provided by Dennis Hanks.

Visit an authentic Native American Teepee . For scheduled tours and special events, costumed Native Americans inhabit and interpret the teepee and the American Indian culture.

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Buffalo Honeymoon Becomes Buffalo Run

In May of 1994, Michael Crews married Kathleen Beumel and the Crewses took off on their honeymoon. Their destination was a buffalo farm! There, Kathleen saw a buffalo herd for the first time. There, they tasted buffalo burgers for the first time. There, Michael saw a vision. They returned to their home in Lincoln City, Indiana.

In June of the same year, they tore down a 19th Century barn and didn't know what they would do with it. Shortly thereafter, they purchased some land. In October, Michael gave Kathleen a buffalo for her birthday. The farm was named Buffalo Run. Both husband and wife Crews had full-time jobs as park rangers, and part-time jobs as coaches. But they found time to sell buffalo burgers out of their homemade "Buffalo Wagon" at local fairs.

First Baby Crews, Sienna was born in 1996. In her first 7 months of life, her wisdom and charity began to surface when she turned on the television. She pointed to the screen where two baby ostriches were for sale on the PBS Fund Raising Auction. Kathleen called in the bid on her daughter's behalf and ostriches became part of the Crews farm.

In 1997 the Crews family grew with the birth of a son, Kenton. The farm grew as well, with the addition of several more buffalo and a dozen more ostriches.

Only five years later, in May of 1999, Michael's vision was realized when the Crewses opened their own buffalo farm and restaurant called Buffalo Run Grill & Gifts. The one-buffalo farm and Buffalo Wagon business had grown into a farm, diner and gift shop.

The buffalo and ostrich farm covers about 90 acres of southern Indiana pastureland. The animals graze in the background while visitors view them from a close but safe distance. From time to time animals are for sale. Tours of the farm are very popular and can be arranged by calling (812) 937-2799 or (812) 937-9016. Farm tours provide personal and general information about the animals, the farm and the industry.

The old barn, from early in their marriage, lent rustic interior panels for the grill walls. The Buffalo Run Grill features buffalo and ostrich burgers, as well as other foods and cleverly named ice cream flavors. The goal of the grill is to prepare delicious, yet healthy fast food. And since both meats are low in fat and cholesterol, the burgers are tasty and heart-smart.

Buffalo and ostrich products such as hides, mounts feathers, ostrich eggs and more make unique and rare gifts and souvenirs. Antiques and crafts add to the charming collection of treasures in the Buffalo Run Gift Shop.

The Crewses still make their home in Lincoln City, Indiana, which is also where you will find their farm, grill and gift shop. Buffalo Run Grill & Gifts is located between the Lincoln parks and Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana on Highway 162, just south of Interstate 64.

Today, other honeymoon couples visit this Lincoln City buffalo farm. There, they may see a buffalo herd for the first time. There, they may taste buffalo burgers for the first time. There, they, too, may have a vision. And there... he may buy her a buffalo for her birthday.

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Special Events:

Buffalo and Mistletoe-- Free admission - annually, the second weekend in December in conjunction with "Christmas in Santa Claus". Saturday 10-4, Sunday 10-2

Experience the sights, smells and sounds of a real frontier and Native American winter encampment where costumed Long Riflemen and American Indians stay for the weekend to demonstrate typical life skills of the frontier era. Tomahawk throwing, black powder demonstrations, open fire cooking and many other activities take place during the weekend. The herd of buffalo graze in the background of this early American scene. Special menu items might include buffalo chili soup, elk burgers, pork BBQ and the popular buffalo and ostrich burgers.

TBA -- event in mid-summer and event in mid-fall. Call for details.

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Located just 3 miles west of Santa Claus and Holiday World, Buffalo Run offers another opportunity for family fun in the beautiful southern Indiana countryside.

Only 5 miles south of I-64, almost mid-way between Louisville, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana, Buffalo Run is closer to your home than you think!

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