5 Things To Do at Santa Claus Museum

Santa Claus Museum Exhibit

After a very busy Christmas season that saw hundreds of families making their way to this charming attraction, the Santa Claus Museum & Village is now open for summer.

We recently chatted with Museum Director Emily Thompson about this year’s season.

“The Santa Claus Museum & Village is now open for the summer season! We are so excited to share the history of our amazing town with new and returning visitors. How did the town get its famous name? How does Santa Claus answer all those letters that arrive each December? Stop by and see us… we’d love to show you the answers to all your questions,” says Emily.

Here are five fun activities you can experience during your visit to Santa Claus Museum & Village:

  1. Get those Christmas wishes in early by writing a letter to Santa. It’s free and all letters will receive a response.
  2. Learn how the festive town of Santa Claus got its name.
  3. Step inside one of the town’s original buildings, the marvelous Santa Claus Church, from the 1880s.
  4. View the spectacular 22-foot Historic Santa Statue. Perfect family photo op!
  5. Read letters sent to Santa dating back from many decades ago inside the artifact-filled museum.

Watch this video to see more:

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